The Italian Luxury Experience

Italy retains an extraordinary richness: the universal appreciation for the unique style, declined as design, food , fashion, art and taste for beautiful.

These values have always been appreciated by all over the world , they represent the main reasons for travelling to the Bel Paese and falling in love with its passionate people.
In few words, the so-called Italian Way of Life, which is particularly pleasant and attractive for all those who experienced or even just heard of it.
Then, it goes without saying that a larger and larger number of wealthy people seek, and are willing to pay for Italian excellence. It is this excellence that drives tourism to the Peninsula, because it is mostly available within the boundaries, but not abroad. Although you may meet some outstanding Italian-style hotels or resorts here and there, sofar, there is no hotel chain unmistakably Italian in the world.

There is not a chain of Luxury Hotels able to be ‘Italy’ outside of its boundaries., even though this experience is recognized as being highly appreciated.




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