Cultural activity, books and conferences

One of our major points of strength is our relationship with the best Italian architects with expertise in Hotel Design.

We have a deep and friendly acquaintance with some of the major Italian architects: those you find in the book Il benessere in hotel (wellness in hotel) printed in 2006 and Hotel Experience printed in 2009.

In 2011 we have  printed the new book “Hotel Design – Manual for hotel architecture” by Prof. Aglieri Rinella of the University IULM – Milan, with the Introduction of Bernabò Bocca national president of Federalberghi Italy.

For any project we can involve a group of more than one architect depending on the need of the client, and /or use the right architect for the right purpose.

Since 2003 we have organized more than sixty meetings, seminars, conferences around Italy  with the only aim of spreading the knowledge of a good project for Italian hotels.

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