The Project

There is not a chain of Luxury Hotels able to be ‘Italy’ outside of its boundaries, even though this experience is recognized as being highly appreciated.

This project, therefore, would cover a promising market space, today unattended, with a 5 star hotel management company, which may be easily identified by one or more brands.
Each hotel must differ from the other, but all of them will be strongly influenced by the Italian way of life, in everlasting dialogue with Italian culture and local territories.

The Company already owes an appropriate structure for the operational management, made of experienced and motivated Italian managers, because this, the human value, will play the major role. On the other hand, general services will be centralized.

Still, the Company is capable of designing excellent Italian hotel facilities on behalf of the investors, either from scratch or renovating existing buildings, which will be clustered under a brand that refers to Italy and its tradition of hospitality. The best Italian architects in collaboration with the most famous brands of Italy design and furniture will be involved.

The ambition is to be a point of reference, not an actor among many.